Storywalks for Schools

Set your reading and writing free with Storywalks, a dynamic fusion of tech and creativity, creating bespoke trails to ignite your pupils' literacy.


The Storywalks Experience

Experience a Storywalk day in your school or library with bespoke narratives invisibly anchored within your available space, inside or out. Perhaps start with The Inventors Fair and get your pupils designing new gadgets to weave into the tale. Or The Riddlers Storywalk, solve the riddles, then write new ones and author your own Riddle Storywalk. Or, especially for libraries, ‘The Night of the Unread’ where young readers become trapped in the stacks at night and have to write their way out!

Mr Jelley arrives with iPads, tales and bespoke scheme of work specifically tailored to your ages and needs.

The Two Flavours

A storywalks student holding a found seed

Experience Day

Invite a Storywalker to your school or library for a full day of super literacy magic.

We’ll provide the tech and deploy a story in your space. We’ll then get your pupils fired up with a writing workshop to re-imagine the tale and rewrite it in their own voice.

Or alternatively we can deploy a suite of tales and get everyone in the school Storywalking through your grounds.

A tree stump made into a clock face with charcoal and feathers


For a deeper and richer experience, invite a Storywalker into your school or library for multiple sessions.

Skill up classes, students and yourself to make trails, write site responsive content linked to your studies and let your words go wild!

From poetry to riddles, from stories to puzzles, from narratives to navigation, Storywalks can provide bespoke experience to embellish and embed your pupils' creativity.


Engage learners

Unchain your literacy and ignite creativity by combining outdoor exploration with reading and writing. Disenfranchised pupils can be inspired, gifted and talented pupils can thrive.

"Thank you very much for two fabulous workshops; it was really great to see the students absorbed in their tasks and listening intently to the poetry. I loved the writing tasks and prompts you did with them and thought the whole day was structured really well. They will certainly remember their day with the poet."

Tracy Williams - Huish Episcopi Academy

"I thought that the day was amazing! Your riddle structure helped me write a good riddle. Thank you so much."

Emily - 12 years old

Pre-loaded with learning resources

Storywalks subscribers have free access to some great resources including – bespoke stories ready to deploy into your grounds, schemes of work and additional framework handouts. All tailored toward KS1 and KS2 pupils to make classroom deployment easy from the start.

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About Mr Storywalks


The brainchild of poet technologist Christopher Jelley, Storywalks was born out of a passion for Storytelling and creativity. His works often entice the audience to engage and create content in new and exciting ways.

The Exmoor Poetry Boxes, with just six little tins, gathered over 5500 poems from passersby and the Hydrophobic Poetry Project enabled 150 pupils to write weather inspired poems. The poems were installed in multiple locations across Devon and Somerset including the Museum of Somerset courtyard.

Christopher Jelley worked with Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris for the launch of The Lost Words (Penguin Hamish Hamilton) at Compton Verney weaving the spells beyond the gallery walls into the grounds.

My works turn our landscapes into a place for word play and create new possibilities for pupil literacy interactions.

Christopher Jelley

For more about Mr Jelley see

Storywalks works have been supported by Arts Council England, South West Heritage Trust, Rook Lane Arts Trust, Somerset Arts Works, InspirED, The SHINE Trust, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Ernest Cook, Garfield Weston and many many many great schools across the UK.