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Storywalks and hidden history trails are like a skimming stone of interesting facts, myth and history linked to place, which reveal as you walk. Did you know that holly tree bark was used to make the glue for sticky bombs? Or what the old Somerset dialect words clinkervells and vurzpig refer to? (Click to reveal answer)

Trails are designed to be read aloud to family and friends and embellish your experience of each location, not just exterior trails either, as Storywalks has worked with Heritage South West creating trails within the galleries of The Museum of Somerset.

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Commission Storywalks to research and author hidden history trails within the landscape of your choice.

Along coast paths, through forest glades, inside museums galleries, within stately homes, in fact anywhere beneath the sky a Storywalk can be woven.

All trails come without adverts and are designed to be freely accessible for all after deployment for the term of the contract. Simple to access and embed within your site, easily shared or tagged in a post. Each trail has a unique and readable web URL so users can type straight in their phone and be walking your trails on the fly.

  • Storywalks are for pleasure, for education, for discovery.
  • Storywalks are for visitors, for residents, for inquisitive minds.
  • Storywalks are for families, communities, for sharing.
  • Storywalks are for new dialogues and experiences through our changing landscapes.
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About Mr Storywalks


The brainchild of poet technologist Christopher Jelley, Storywalks was born out of a passion for Storytelling and creativity. His works often entice the audience to engage and create content in new and exciting ways.

The Exmoor Poetry Boxes, with just six little tins, gathered over 5500 poems from passersby and the Hydrophobic Poetry Project enabled 150 pupils to write weather inspired poems. The poems were installed in multiple locations across Devon and Somerset including the Museum of Somerset courtyard.

Christopher Jelley worked with Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris for the launch of The Lost Words (Penguin Hamish Hamilton) at Compton Verney weaving the spells beyond the gallery walls into the grounds.

My works turn our landscapes into a place for word play and create new possibilities for pupil literacy interactions.

Christopher Jelley

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Storywalks works have been supported by Arts Council England, South West Heritage Trust, Rook Lane Arts Trust, Somerset Arts Works, InspirED, The SHINE Trust, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Ernest Cook, Garfield Weston and many many many great schools across the UK.